Pferdezucht Schoppe

Zucht von Fohlen und Dressurpferden mit Stuten aus bewährten und erfolgreichen Stutenstämmen.

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for Hanoverian and Westfalian breeding  

- Foals and Dressage Horses for sale-   

In our spare time, we are breeding Hanoverian and Westfalian horses with our two different, top-class mares. Our foals grow up horse-appropriately and under perfect conditions. It goes without saying that the foals are regularly fed with concentrated trace elements and that all horses are treated by the farrier and checked by the vet on a regular basis. We ensure social contacts on the pasture with other foals and mares every day so that we can offer foals with lovely personalities and lots of presence that are easy to handle. 

Sandra and Ulrich Schoppe